Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet Adventures in Israel

Israel is known for many things- its history and culture, the various religions and languages practiced and spoken, its geography including the Dead Sea, among many others.  But what most people don't think of is the incredible food found everywhere throughout the country.

The chocolate filled rugelach above and several of the photographs below come from the Mahane Yehuda Market, also known as "The Shuk."

Look at the rich chocolate and perfectly browned pastry.

Below you can see how the various vendors display their delicious merchandise in the Shuk.  It was difficult to only take photos and not sample one of everything!

Fresh mini challah rolls.

Below are sufganiyot, a ball-shaped doughnut, fried and injected with jelly or custard, typically eaten during the Hanukkah holiday.  

And last but not least, it was very important for me to make a stop at my favorite rugelach shop in Israel, Marzipan.  These were fresh out of the oven.


  1. All of these delicious looking pictures are making me nostalgic. I haven't been to israel in ages, but I remember those delicious treats so clearly!

  2. All of these look so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I miss these so much!!! I just went to israel for the first time in my life September last year and went the The Shuk. It was so overwhelming and managed to buy a HUGE bag of Rugelach for only 3 shekels. They were so warm, chocolaty, and delicious the bag didn't last to the next day. These are some awesome (if not a little evil for tempting me to go back just to buy these pastries) pictures and a great description of them.